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The view from the hill behind our house

The view near our house

The Daily Pilgrimage!

Oh look here I am again, they open a Bunnings in Gunghalin and instantly it becomes a daily pilgrimage. 

You buy a new house expecting there to be nothing to do, yeah right who am I trying to kid 😜 at least they have coffee β˜•οΈ

It’s a beautiful morning

Jo enoying the morningIt’s a beautiful morning, 30 degrees before 9AM so we have decided to enjoy it by chillin on the patio, looking up juice recipes and reviewing our options for the road trip.

No internet conectivity!

No internet today :(

No internet today πŸ™

Well its a little dismal here at RWorld as we have been without internet connectivity for 48 hours now!

If you ever wondered what a first world problem is, this is it. Jake has no idea what to do with himself now he can’t watch YouTube, he tried watching DTV only to find he ha to retune to get all the channels, shows how often he does this.

Jac is not to bad as she has her books (how very old school) and Jo is to knackered to care πŸ™‚

As for me, well thank goodness for 3G coverage although Optus isn’t great in our area, it is better than nothing though.

If your wondering yes we are on the NBN and with iPRIMUS as our ISP, there tech support has been less than stellar, I was promised theΒ ticket was being escalated to NBN as I logged it, having spent over 1.5hrs on the phone, the following day as I had ot had a call back I tried to reach them again, 1hr later and with no one having answered my call was cut off, when I tried again today I got to level 2 only to be advised they had only looked at the ticket as I called! To say I am unhappy would be an understatement, so apparently the ticket is now with NBN and I will have a call back within 24-48hrs to confirm an appointment, I’m not holding my breath πŸ™

I’m watching you

What an awesome day Sunday turned out to be!

Started with a bike ride out to Forde with a pit stop for some yummy breakfast treats, home again to do a few jobs then grabbed the clubs and off to the driving range Jo and I went to get in some very much needed practice.

Although I have played more often than Jo it seems she is a bit of a natural and ended up giving some great advice on my swing that had me hitting the last few balls well πŸ™‚

From there we tripped off to Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets where we stock piled our salad and fruit supply, yes we are trying to eat healthy mother πŸ˜‰ oh and some steak for the evening BBQ.

Once home we helped Jake get ready for his trip to Fiji and then enjoyed some surf ‘n’ turf BBQ to conclude a wonderful spring day.

Summer ready spaces

So we spent Saturday sprucing up our back yard and BBQ area, making it all nice as the good weather is upon us πŸ™‚

Some of us however were not feeling 100% and needed to spend some quality time with Woof #1

All in all it was a splendid day concluded with a BBQ and some time sat reflecting on our efforts enjoying the warmth afforded by the new heater as despite it being on the 20’s during the day it still dropped rapidly once the sun had gone in.